Watch the closed session recording at the United Nations of Professor Hollander and Julius Erving, inaugural World Basketball Day on December 21, 2023.

On August 25th, during a session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York, the Philippines brought forward a UN Resolution co-sponsored by 70+ nations. This resolution was adopted by consensus and now designates December 21st as World Basketball Day— the day James Naismith introduced the game in Springfield, Massachusetts.

The concept of World Basketball Day was sparked by NYU Professor David Hollander, who proposed it in his recent book How Basketball Can Save The World. Notably, portions of his original proposal are included in the final resolution adopted today.

Over the summer, Hollander collaborated with the Philippines, a country with a remarkable passion for basketball, which is also co-hosting the 2023 FIBA World Cup starting on the same day as the resolution's adoption. Additionally, the advocacy efforts of Hollander's NYU Spring 2023 class played a pivotal role. They engaged with international ministers, urging them to bring forth this resolution.

Basketball is the first team sport to get an official U.N. international day. This historic decision reflects the global significance of basketball and its power to unite people worldwide.

August 25,2023 United Nations General Assembly: 96th Plenary Meeting, 77th Session
Phillipines UN Ambassado,The Honorable Antonio M. Lagdameo reading official statement for World Basketball Day
   Professor David    Hollander on the floor of UN General Assembly